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Key Features

  • Eco-Friendly
    Only Recyclable Paper and Water Soluble Glue and hence conveniently recyclable with other paper waste streams.
    Eliminates use of carbon heavy footprint plastic or wood products in packaging. more….
  • Durable
    Hard and Water Resistant for Durability. more….
  • Safe
    No metal or nails so to prevent damage to humans and surfaces during use.
  • Versatile
    Multiple applications using innovative custom sizes and designs. more….
  • Economic
    Lighter and economic from total cost perspective than conventional pallets. more…


Dimension Range

  • Due to the Unique Modular design and production (Patent Pending ), Envisus Pallets can be made to suit any size and application desired.
  • There are no quantity restrictions and even a few pallets can be customised.
  • This gives the flexibility to make optimum use of space and maximise loading in vehicles/containers.
  • Standard Euro and US Full Pallets, Half Pallets, Quarter Pallets available.
  • There is no restriction on size or clear height for fork entry.
  • Low height pallets for optimum space utilisation are also designed and made available for a particular application.
  • 2 way and 4 way Pallets – both types are available.
  • Every pallet design can be designed to suit the packaging and logistic chain demands. Also can be designed for point load on any specific area on the pallet.


Load Bearing

  • The pallets can be designed for Static loads of upto 4000 kgs and Dynamic loads of upto 2000 kgs.
  • Specific Pallet designs can also be made for uneven loads and applications.



  • Universal use for any industry in enabling effective logistics.
  • Huge cost savings for Air Freight Goods as being much lighter than conventional pallets.
  • Enhanced effectiveness for Food and Pharma Industries for hygienic reasons.


Visual Appeal

  • The pallets are usually made from Natural Kraft paper (Brown Shade) however the same can also be made with a combination of white top and brown top papers or even coloured papers to suit customer needs.
  • Clients Company/Product Logo can also be printed on the pallets for brand building.
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